PKMNcast reads the best worst Pokemon questions on Yahoo! Answers

If you didn’t know, Yahoo! Answers is shutting down from 4th May.

PKMNcast looked up some of the best worst Pokémon questions on his Twitch stream. It was a blast from the past with important questions such as:

  • are pokemon real i want to know? ?
  • What’s your favorite legendary Pokemon?
  • how do i turn into a pokemon?
  • Why does everyone I talk to hate Pokemon?

For the latter, my favourite response was:

pokemon is cool the people are losers that hate pokemon

Amen, user called ‘?’ from 1 decade ago. I’m personally gutted that Yahoo! Answers is closing. Not because I used it regularly (I’ve not logged in for years), but for what it represents as a whole: another part of Web culture that we’re going to lose with no official archive because it didn’t serve a revenue-making purpose. On a personal level, this video reminded me of what Pokémon was like back then and the questions people asked a decade or so ago.

RIP Yahoo! Answers. Stream the video below.