'It's Super Effective' is my new favourite Pokémon podcast

I need to be in the mood for a podcast. As music producer, I’m drawn to melodies and rhythms like a Venomoth to a Talonflame. Did I just make a terrible Pokémon-themed segue? You’re damn right.

As I get back into Pokémon after a few weeks out, I finally got into It’s Super Effective. And the name is precisely right.

What is ‘It’s Super Effective’?

‘It’s Super Effective’ is a weekly Pokémon podcast, hosted by Steve Sarumi aka PKMNcast, that covers news and information on all Pokémon media including:

  • The main series
  • The anime
  • Pokémon Masters
  • Pokémon Go

It’s also very funny and features different co-hosts and guests from the Pokémon community.

“Tencent Drama”

I caught the podcast on Episode 415 where the trio discussed Pokémon Unite, the endless controversy surrounding Tencent (the makers of Pokémon Unite), the Pokémon Isle of Armor DLC and new features in Pokémon Masters.

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