Pokemon Crystal but you steal your opponent's team when you win

No matter how much I play the newer games, I always come back to Gen 1 and Gen 2. What I like about this ROM hack is how versatile it is.

Pokémon streamer SmallAnt played a Pokémon ROM hack of Pokémon Crystal where he could play in Team Rocket mode – after every battle, if he won, he’d steal his opponent’s team and use it.

It has similarities to a Nuzlocke – you “catch” the first Pokémon you encounter (in battles), but you lose your Pokémon whether they faint or not. And there are “blastoffs” for every time SmallAnt whited out.

It’s a fun way to play and at the very least a fun way to watch a classic Pokémon game.

Stream it below.

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