The Nerd Council sends open letter video to the gaming industry

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and numerous sexual abuse allegations, the gaming industry has been rocked and rightfully so. Racism, cyberbullying, and sexual misconduct have been rampant and gone unchecked for too long and it needs to end. But the environment also needs to be safer for gamers now and in the future and The Nerd Council want that change.

In a recent video entitled “Dear Gaming Industry”, Timi from The Nerd Council addressed this by asking a series of important questions including:

  • How are you preparing the next generation of gamers?
  • How are you preparing the current generation of gamers for what’s to come?
  • What efforts are you making in order to ensure that all voices are heard within the gaming industry?

Unlike many of the media statements published by gaming companies, Timi’s questions were sharp, succinct, and actionable. Besides the general subject of diversity, there were also questions about the types of jobs for people wanting to get into the industry. Not everyone is a gaming developer – is this being communicated enough or at all?

For anyone with power in the gaming industry, I strongly recommend you watch this and take these questions on board and find the answers.

Stream it below.

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