Josh & Joey Sell Pokémon Cards

I inherited my cousin’s Pokémon card collection in the early 2000s. I didn’t have anyone to play with so I eventually sold them for £20. Big regret as they might have been worth more (not much more but more than £20 for sure). But for Josh Weinstock, he was expecting thousands for his rediscovered collection. At least, that’s what the Internet told him.

In a Disposable Film Festival-nominated short film, Joey and his roommate Josh sought fortune for the latter’s Pokémon trading card collection. While Josh was hesitant to sell them, Josh persuaded him to do so while Pokémon was still popular (as if Pokémon will ever not be popular now).

Unfortunately, the journey wasn’t as successful as they anticipated and you can stream the video below to find out why. You can also buy an album of the original music from the film.

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