Level 1 Snom lives against a Level 99 Charizard

David vs. Goliath is the most famous underdog story in history. But what if David was a level 1 Snom and Goliath was a level 99 G-Max Charizard?

Everyone’s favourite Pokémon YouTubist Wolfe Glick was joined by his friend Trey to put a Pokémon glitch into practice. Known as a damage overflow glitch, it means you deal no damage but requires a very specific set up. The process involves lowering the opponent’s special defence and maxing your special attack amongst other things and the results are hilarious.

Level 1 Snom is not only the cutest Pokémon ever but it’s now the best special wall in the game. I’d buy that for a dollar!

Stream the pr0 strats below.

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