Did Wolfe Glick get to #1 in the world with Red's team?

Pokémon can be split into two main categories:

  • The anime
  • The games

There are fundamental similarities but many differences (which I won’t go into because I’ll only go off on a tangent). So it’s fitting that Wolfe Glick, the most famous Pokémon trainer in the real world tried to get to #1 in the world with Red’s team, the most famous team in the games.

As Wolfe pointed out in his video, he decided to choose Red’s team from the Gen 4 remakes of Gold/Silver/Crystal which differs from the Gen 2 team:

Red’s team in GSCRed’s team in HGSS

Lapras, he said, was critical to making the team work (notably with its competitive use of Perish Song). Watching his run over the weekend was amazing, not least because I had an idea of trying out a Red team in ranked battles. But, given the fact I have no experience in competitive battling, I wouldn’t have come within a mile of Wolfe’s achievement and I’m glad to see it actually work out for someone good enough to pull it off.

The good news is you can try the team out as Wolfe has given it away as a rental team (check the image under the video). If anyone tries it, let us know in the comments and tell us how you did!

Wolfe’s Red team

Team ID: 0000 0000 1WFJ 6R

Wolfe Glick's Red team
Wolfe Glick’s Red team


  • Item: Light Clay
  • Ability: Shell Armor
  • Moves: Protect, Hydro Pump, Freeze-Dry, Perish Song


  • Item: Iapapa Berry
  • Ability: Rain Dish
  • Moves: Water Pledge, Body Press, Iron Defense, Life Dew


  • Item: Lightning Rod
  • Ability: Focus Sash
  • Moves: Thunderbolt, Nuzzle, Fake Out, Helping Hand


  • Item: Assault Vest
  • Ability: Thick Fat
  • Moves: Fire Punch, Rock Slide, Superpower, Double-Edge


  • Item: Solar Power
  • Ability: Life Orb
  • Moves: Air Slash, Solar Beam, Protect, Fire Pledge


  • Item: Sitrus Berry
  • Ability: Chlorophyll
  • Moves: Grass Pledge, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder, Protect

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