It's Doctor Eggman and he's pole dancing!

Spending Easter indoors means eating chocolate, watching biblical things, and thinking about rabbits and eggs in all their forms. But let’s focus on the egg. Then think about that egg as a man and give him a PhD in… something. Then give him a pole, leather pants, and high heels. Wait, what?

Tab Kimpton is a queer comic artist and, dressed as Doctor Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog, he took to the pole to give us the Easter treat we didn’t know we needed. Robotnik has never looked so good spinning around on a (shaky) pole and those boots and leather pants? Eggcellent choices. I guess we’ve figured out what Eggman got his PhD in.

Watch it on Tumblr and check out Tab’s Linktree and LGBT and Queer comics

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