Watch: ‘DOOM’ Meets ‘Super Mario 64′ In Awesome-Looking New Mod

I’m low-key excited about the fact I can write about DOOM. What I mean is that I didn’t think there would be anything new about such an old game, but hey, its sequel did turn 20 this year and people are clearly still playing the original. How do I know this? Because a modder just released their take on the first DOOM that now features imagery from Super Mario 64. Yes, someone took the time to meticulously modify one of the straight-up creepiest games ever into a weird, sorta-cute hybrid that really is just something you need to see to believe.

The thing is, the modder isn’t just going for something that is aesthetically like Mario 64. Nope, they included platform-ish bits to make the connection even more natural. Per Kotaku:

“This mod has got alot of different gameplay styles: You may have to simply reach the golden soul in a level, while in another you’ll have to rush through an Athletic level, avoiding obstacles and such, you may have to help some NPCs in order to reach your goal, or even collect 8 red coins to get the Soul.”

Now that makes this truly awesome. You can watch a video of the game in action below and download the game on Mediafire.

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