This 2.5ft Piplup Poké Plush could be yours for $349.99!

I’ve not played much of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl since I got it in November but when I started it I knew who my starter was going to be: Piplup. I could never say no to that cute little penguin and thanks to a friend of mine who loves penguins, I was put onto a new plush from the Pokémon Center.

It sits at 31 inches tall (0.787m), it can be placed “just about anywhere in your home” (or your bedroom or office), and weighs 144.6oz (about 4kg). Priced at $349.99 and seemingly only available in the US, it’s a big investment but if you adore Piplup and penguins as much as my friend*, you’ll make the financial sacrifice.

Buy it now from the Pokémon Center.

*Just kidding, nobody loves penguins as much as my friend.

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