SEGA to give Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio the reboot treatment

Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio fans rejoice as SEGA is set to reboot them for its latest Super Game venture.

Sources speaking with Bloomberg stated that the Crazy Taxi reboot has been in development for over a year, and the plan is to release it within the next two to three years. In turn, Jet Set Radio is also in the early stages of development, but neither is a sure release.

SEGA’s Super Game venture is being headed up by executive vice president Shuji Utsumi who said previously the company was developing multiple titles for the project. Although it depends on each title, the plan is that each will become an interactive title that goes beyond the framework of conventional games. The criteria for each game will be multi-platform, multilingual development, simultaneous worldwide release, and triple-A.

via VG247

I suddenly wish I was in GAME during the early 00s playing Crazy Taxi on a display Dreamcast. Or an arcade.

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