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4 new games have entered the World Video Game Hall Of Fame: Class of 2023

It’s been 8 years since I last wrote about the World Video Game Hall Of Fame and a lot has changed since then (for the Hall of Fame as well as me I guess). Now the 2023 edition has four new games!

  • Barbie Fashion Designer
  • Computer Space
  • The Last of Us
  • Wii Sports

Something of note: 2 games from that 2015 finalists post I wrote were finalists this year and didn’t make it (Angry Birds and FIFA International Soccer). They just can’t seem to break in, huh? But congrats to the ones that did, particularly Wii Sports which has left an indelible effect on so many of our lives—and televisions if you didn’t follow Nintendo’s advice to strap those controllers to your wrist before going for a strike. Or a serve.

And for a “throwback”, here are the 15 finalists from the first-ever World Video Game Hall Of Fame induction in 2015

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