A portable Wii that glows!

Combined, the Nintendo Wii and GameCube sold 120 million units (110 million and 21.74 million respectively). So that begs the question: what if they were combined into a single console? Would it be as popular (to be honest, it doesn’t really beg the question—and I really asked two questions there—but I couldn’t think of a lede for this blog post so indulge me).

Shank Mods went away and built a Wii portable with “reactive RGB LEDs and video processing” to expand the edges of the screen through the entire console. What you get is a unique “glow in the dark” feel that changes with every game you play. The video explains how the portable Wii was created, its power consumption, and the various parts involved.

It’s truly amazing how people continue to extend the life of old consoles. Just when you think every conceivable idea has been thought up, someone comes a long with a new one, and the Wii is no exception.

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