Moxie Boosted tries a mono Fire team; plays a Dachsbun team in his first match

Unlike for gym leaders and Elite Four members in the Pokémon League, monotype teams don’t do well competitively. So when I saw that Moxie Boosted tried using a mono Fire team sent to him by his editor, I had to watch it. And unbelievably, he faced a Dachsbun team in his first match. For those that don’t know, Dachsbun has an ability called Well-Baked Body that raises its defence by 1 every time it’s hit by a Fire-type move. You can probably guess how that worked despite a cool tech involving Weakness Policy Grass Tera Armarouge.

If you’re interested in seeing monotype teams on the ladder, here are a couple of throwbacks to Sword and Shield with this mono Electric team and a psuedo mono Water team that won a tournament (you can also see it in action here).

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