A world record speedrun of Bug Too! (28:51)

I have no particular reason for sharing this Bug Too! speedrun other than nostalgia and posterity. I played this game only once at a Target in Orlando, Florida in 1996. It was my first time playing on a Sega Saturn (until I reached my cousins’ house and they had one) and it was incredible. Bug Too!, the sequel to 1995’s Bug!, was a 3D platformer where you traversed different levels as a green bug called, you guessed it, Bug who is also a Hollywood actor, or two of his friends: Maggot Dog and Super Fly.

In the case of this speedrun, CyberStriker chose Maggot Dog due to its speedy hopping. Sub-29 minutes for any game is a great run and this was good enough to earn CyberStriker a World Record which has yet to be broken as of 5th September 2022.

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