Doom is now playable on a tractor

From Eurogamer, someone jailbroke tractor display software:

There’s a more serious background to this, though. As Wired reports, a hacker known as Sick Codes presented a new jailbreak for John Deere & Co. tractors at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas.

Digital locks are imposed on vehicles by manufacturers, preventing farmers from modifying and repairing their own equipment. The right-to-repair has proven controversial in the farming industry, but Sick Codes has found a workaround.

“Farmers prefer the older equipment simply because they want reliability. They don’t want stuff to go wrong at the most important part of the year when they have to pull stuff out of the ground,” said Sick Codes.”So that’s what we should all want too. We want farmers to be able to repair their stuff for when things go wrong, and now that means being able to repair or make decisions about the software in their tractors.”

And Doom was the first port of call (pun intended) to demonstrate this hack. Wonders never cease with hackers and Doom appearing absolutely anywhere. I can’t wait for someone to get Doom up on the electronic billboards of Times Square.Doom is now playable on a tractor

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