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BoredModder's Flipper Zero self-trading Pokémon device

a game boy color "trading" with a flipper zero device

tl;dr – here is a GitHub repository for an exchange application from Flipper Zero to Game Boy, allowing you to trade using a Game Link Cable on Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

If you’re into tech, you might have heard about the Flipper Zero, a multi-use device that lets you interact with systems like access control systems, RFID, and radio protocols (and Canada doesn’t like them). But a modder named BoredModder has added Game Boys to the list with a cool self-trading use case for Pokémon games:

Essentially, the Flipper Zero acts as a separate Game Boy when using the link cable and BoredModder’s new peripheral. Players can select any Pokémon and trade it with themselves (via Flipper) as though they were hooked up to another handheld.

You still have to trade a Pokémon with Flipper, so you’ll need a low-level Pokémon that you don’t really care about (we’re all thinking about Ratata) to get rid of.

I remember seeing an Arduino device that let you trade over the internet and a Pokémon trade “spoofer” in the past but this is the most sophisticated way of self-trading I’ve seen to date. However, the downside to this project is the cost. A Flipper Zero device costs £195 on Joom Geek while the WiFi dev board on its own is £50. I know Game Boys are more expensive than ever these days but it if you don’t already have a need for a Flipper Zero, you might be better off getting another GB, Pokémon cart, and a link cable for less than £200.

(via Retro Dodo)

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