Can Jrose11 beat Pokemon Red/Blue with just a Weedle?

Subscribers to Jrose11’s channel will know all about his Pokémon challenges where he tries to beat the game with a single Pokémon (also known as a “solo run”). On 29th November, he tried the unthinkable: a Weedle solo run in Pokémon Red/Blue. He opened the video with two key facts which would influence his run:

  1. Weedle’s base stats are abysmal
  2. It can only use Poison Sting and String Shot as it can’t learn any TMs

In fact, Weedle is so bad, Jrose had to cheat for the first time to give it the best possible IVs to give himself a fighting chance (absolutely no judgement from me!) You’ll have to watch the video to see how he did but I have to give him props for even attempting this.

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