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Chris Graves and his Game Boy Mini Camera

A game boy camera, Tetris cartridge, and the Game Boy Mini Camera, side by side on a table

I can still remember being in a Debenhams and seeing a Game Boy Camera on sale for £20. Being about 8, I didn’t have that kind of money and my parents certainly weren’t gonna get me one (I’d only just got a Game Boy at this point). Fast forward 25 years and we have a handful of Game Boy Camera mods taking the primitive technology way beyond its intended purpose.

One such mod comes from Chris Graves who built the Game Boy Mini Camera. Using flashable camera schematics by hobbyist Martin Refseth, he managed to fit the PCB + a sensor into a 3D-printed Game Boy cartridge. It’s honestly a thing of beauty.

(via Retro Dodo and Time Extension)

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