Congratulations to Florian Temme, the 2024 Pokémon Dortmund Regional champion

Florian Temme did a Justin Tang and won his first regional at his first ever regional, beating Nick Schrott 2-1 in an incredible final. Both players fought off strong competition to get to the final, with Nick upsetting Eric Rios in Top 8 and Florian taking out Sergio Ramírez in Top 4.

It’s clear that recent US regionals have had an effect on the European meta with a number of players using teams from the likes of Wolfe Glick and Alex Underhill. Florian’s team used half of Wolfe’s team but the styles were much different, opting for a supportive Farigiraf with Trick Room for Ursaluna Blood Moon, a Choice Specs Flutter Mane, and Dark Urshifu over Water Urshifu.

Here’s the Poképaste of Florian’s winning team and Nick’s second place team. As for the top 256 players, you can find those Poképastes on Top Cut Explorer.

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