Congratulations to Wolfe Glick, the 2024 Pokémon Charlotte Regional champion

Wolfe Glick exerted his dominance on the game once again with an emphatic win at the 2024 Pokémon Charlotte Regional Championships, beating Nicholas Donnelly 2-1 in the final. Wolfe and Nicholas had faced each other twice in the tournament before the final and they saved the best til last with a phenomenal performance at what was the biggest tournament in VGC history with 845 players competing for the title (beating Orlando’s record of 782, a regional that Wolfe also won). Wolfe ended the tournament with a 14-1 record.

“I came into this regional after a long break, I went to Pittsburgh, I got 2nd, I was like ‘I really would’ve liked to win’ and there were moments in the final where I was like ‘might be my second 2nd this time’ but qualifying for Worlds, winning the biggest Pokémon tournament of all time, winning my 8th regional championship and doing it after like a four-month break basically, I feel pretty good.”

Wolfe Glick, in his winner’s interview

Nicholas still has a lot to be proud of, as he pushed one of the greatest of all time to a Game 3 in a regional final and finished 13-2. Sometimes, though, you can’t deny that World Champ difference, baby!

Here’s the Poképaste of Wolfe’s winning team and Nick’s second place team. As for the top 256 players, you can find those Poképastes on Top Cut Explorer.

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