Pokémon Home GTS has a racism problem and nothing is being done about it

I stumbled upon this video by Kevdog Plays where he looked at the Pokémon Home GTS and how bad it is. A mix of impossible trades, obviously hacked Pokémon, and… racist nicknames? Again?

A few weeks ago, I was on the Pokémon Home GTS and had a look for Raging Bolt and Gouging Fire to complete my Violet Pokédex. Now, I’m not naïve; I knew the trade requests would be impossible but I wanted to see if anyone had “slipped up” and asked for a non-legendary. That’s when I saw a Gouging Fire with a very antisemitic name involving a certain Austrian-born German dictator. Racism in gaming wasn’t new to me but to see this kind of thing, so blatant and overt, was hard to get my head around (given that Pokémon won’t even let you have the word “poo” in a nickname).

It seems like TPCi are fine with certain forms of discrimination but nothing too impolite like naughty like words like SHIT and FUCK and POO. But Nazism and homophobia is fair game if you take the vowels out (sarcasm).

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