Custom-built clear PS2s: The Q vs. BitHead1000

The PlayStation 2 remains one of the greatest consoles of all time, both in sales and longevity (2000–2013) and now there’s a clear version in 2020. Or two.

Science YouTube channel The Q built a custom PS2 using acrylic glass to give an old console a cool new look. If you want to make your own, you’ll need some acrylic glass, a mechanical cutter, a screwdriver and some tweezers to take the PS2 apart and outline the parts on the glass to cut.

But two months prior, BitHead1000 did the same thing, dubbing his original “The Glass PS2”. BitHead1000 is no stranger to custom-made consoles, having made a fire-breathing N64. But the similarities between the two versions brought claims of plagiarism in The Q’s comments on their video.

Should The Q given credit? Sure. Did BitHead1000 “do it better”? That’s subjective. But ultimately, commenters gon’ comment.

Stream both videos below.