Did Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal have the best Pokédex?

Which Pokédex do you think was the best? Doesn’t matter, you’re wrong (if it’s not Gen 2), says Cian Maher

I’ll tell anyone who has ears that Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal are my favourite Pokémon games (Silver is my #1) but I never really considered the games to have the best Pokédex. Cian Maher believes Gen 2 did and wrote about it for The Gamer where he listed his “best” Pokémon from the gen and compared it with other gens. Gen 2 won out.

I’m often accused of being a dirty genwunner, which makes sense given that six of my ten favourite Pokemon – Squirtle, Blastoise, Vaporeon, Gyarados, Haunter, and Arcanine – all come from Red & Blue (the other four are Suicune, Primarina, Absol, and Umbreon). If anything, this just testifies to how truthful I’m being when I say that Kanto only ever had the best Pokemon when it was the only generation available to play. Three years later, when Pokemon Gold & Silver first graced the world with their inimitable presence, everything changed, to the extent that we’ve still yet to see a better regional Pokedex over 20 years on.

While many would disagree (especially because Gen 5 got the lowest score from this measurement and everybody loves Gen 5 for some reason), this is clearly an opinionated thing and better suited for a “faves” list rather than a “best”. But Pokémon wouldn’t be Pokémon without arguments and Cian clearly stated at the end that he didn’t care so that’s that.

I may do this myself and see which generation wins out. My bet is on Red/Blue/Yellow (I’m a casual genwunner).

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