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Did you know that the Game Boy Camera had a built-in sequencer?

Thanks to my friend pea for telling me about this. The Game Boy Camera has a built-in sequencer which you can access via a game called DJ, inside the software menu:

[…] by accessing a game mode inside the software menu, and by shooting the appropriate bad guy at the beginning of the first level, you are magically transported to a 3-channel, 16-step sequencer that is loads of fun! It turns out the Game Boy Camera is not the only Game Boy-based sound program. There are at least two others: Little Sound DJ and Nanoloop. The Game Boy Camera’s version may be the simplest of the three, but it still can serve up some cool sound textures that would be hard to imitate with a generic synthesizer.

via Tape Op

The sequencer itself is called Trippy-H and its three channels give you a variety of customisable sounds that you’d never expect from a camera peripheral, let alone one for the Game Boy. I love how the Game Boy Camera is getting so much love after its heyday. Maybe one day I’ll finally pick one up.

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