Dragon Quest makes me want to get a PS4

I’ve got an article in the drafts about how Dragon Quest has been filling the void that Pokémon has left, now that Scarlet and Violet is done in terms of new content. Now Dragon Quest has become a hyperfixation and that often leads to making reckless financial decisions… like buying a PlayStation 4, just to play Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

But, as you might have guessed, I already own a Nintendo Switch which I could play Dragon Quest XI S on. So why do I want a PS4? Honestly, the graphics. I’ve seen the gameplay and they look sweet. I mostly play my Switch in handheld mode and that screen isn’t the best. But am I really going to take the plunge on an 11-year old device for one game? Maybe. The prices of PS4’s are reasonable these days, nearer £100 than £200. It has a Blu-ray player, which always comes in handy (even though I have two already; ugh, I have too much tech). PS4 titles are regularly discounted and are often cheaper than their Switch counterparts. It has the best design since the slim PS2 and looks way better than the PS5. It wouldn’t be that frivolous a purchase.

Of course, I also have to buy Dragon Quest XI S as well, adding to the outlay. But this is all worth it, okay? Dragon Quest is an awesome series and these purchases will fix me. Yes, they will. Yes, they will. Yes, they will. I’m basically talking myself into getting this via a blog post. If I do, I’ll post about that too.

Update: I got one—a PS4 Pro 1TB, baby! And Dragon Quest XI S is coming later today!

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