Dunkey's review of Super Mario RPG is spot on

There’s no better game reviewer right now than Dunkey, in my opinion. Yeah, there are plenty of jokes and memes and whatever, but when he gets down to it, he keeps it real and doesn’t talk games up with flowery language (or plagiarised content, IYKYK). A fine example of this is in his review of Super Mario RPG (above), where he shows why the game is so great in its own merit and where it stands in an ocean of RPGs. Like he said, there were SO many released last year alone and it can be hard to find one that clicks and doesn’t take 60 hours to get through. Super Mario RPG is the right length and holds the nostalgic qualities of the original while adding some modern nuances.

Once I’ve got through Octopath Traveler II, this will be on my list to buy and play next. Thanks, Dunkarino!

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