Glitches on glitches in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

Who is Q? Find out in this video of Pokémon glitches in Red/Blue/Yellow.

Nintendo Pokémon

Most people who have played Pokémon for a while know about the Missingno glitch aka the ‘Old Man Glitch‘ but there are tonnes more in the game. While it gives Generation 1 its unique charm, it’s also a sign of rushed programming that wouldn’t fly today on a Pokémon game (excuse me, I think my tongue is stuck in my cheek).

In the video above, CK Laboratories examined a few other including the other Missing Numbers (ie. Missingno’s glitch siblings), the Mew glitch, the Q glitch and its ability to create unstable hybrid Pokémon with illegal moves. I’ve tried the first few but never the unstable hybrids.