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Happy 25th, Game Boy Color!

Ah, the Game Boy Color. Released 9 years after the original Game Boy, it was less of a groundbreaking console and more of an evolution of Gunpei Yokoi’s iconic work, albeit a late one (Yokoi refused to add a colour display to the Game Boy in favour of long battery life). When we finally got the colour display, it was amazing. Now you could play games with 32,768 colours!

Critical and public reception of the Game Boy Color was positive thanks to improvements to the display and the addition of color, as well as its backward compatibility which allowed you to change the monochrome colour scheme for games like Pokémon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow. Nothing was radical here, just a much-needed upgrade on a fun, reliable, and serviceable device.

With all that said, some other publications have had their say about the Game Boy Color, both to mark its 25th birthday and as general retrospectives over the years. So here are a list of my favourites:

25th anniversary blogs, retrospective blogs, and lists

And here are some Game Boy Color commercials.

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