Hard Drive reviewed every N64 game because why not?

There were 296 North American Nintendo 64 games for Hard Drive to rank and review and they did it in just over 75 minutes. The game in #296 might surprise you but the #1 probably won’t (if you disagree but look at it objectively).

Here’s one at random:

Carmageddon 64

Somewhere, someone is going through an actual car crash, doomed to have to go through physical therapy for the next two years as a result of their injuries to have some semblance of their full range of motion back, on top of an unholy amount of medical debt. And that person would still be having more fun than me playing this abomination of a racing game. I was hoping that this game’s infamy was some kind of hyperbole; that perhaps people were harsher on it in its time and that modern days may have actually vindicated it like some of these other old games we played. But no. This one is just as dreadful as everyone says it is.

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