South Korea’s Pokémon Trainers Cup finalists disqualified for... bringing Metronome?

Thanks to Dot Esports for putting this altogether, as I’d just read one piece of the whole story:

According to VGC player Nash, the top four players received an email stating they were all disqualified from participating in South Korea’s Pokémon Trainers Cup finals, effectively canceling the event altogether. This also meant they lost their Day 2 invites to the World Championships later this year.

(You can read Nash’s tweet explaining the whole situation)

But it’s the community reaction that has warmed my heart, including Gabe Mendoza who brought 6 Pokémon who only knew Metronome to the Milwaukee Regional Championships in solidarity.

For me, I hate how the APAC region is constantly treated by TPC. It’s bad decision after bad decision (or just no decisions at all in some cases) and players pay the price—quite literally. They are taking time out of their lives to play a game they enjoy and these are the conditions they have to do it in. It’s unacceptable and needs to change.

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