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How to play PS5 on a Game Boy Micro

Everything and their dogs wanted a PS5 on launch and while the demand has died down since then, it’s still the most coveted console right now. Compare that to the Game Boy Micro, the final console in the Game Boy line, released in 2005. It was £99 compared to the PS5’s £449 price tag, sold nearly 2.5m units over 2 years (the PS5 surpassed that in less than 2 weeks), and suffered from competition with the Nintendo DS.

In a parallel universe, this might have been different. In some ways, it feels like we’re on an alternate timeline so playing your PS5 on a Game Boy Micro isn’t the weirdest thing to happen in the last year.

Our favourite GB modder Elliot Coll aka The Retro Future made this happen and showed us how in a video from last November. Elliot had previously used a Blaze TV tuner to play on his Nintendo Switch via a Game Boy Advance but for this unofficial Sony/Nintendo collaboration, he opted for a smaller device: a GBA/GBA SP AV Adapter. But don’t expect to find one—it cost him £120 and they’re very rare.

He then used a HDMI2AV adapter and some RCA cables to hook the Game Boy Micro to his PS5. Nintendo may still be kicking themselves at fumbling the PS/SNES collab (they probably aren’t but fans are) but things like this help to ease the pain.

Stream it below.