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How to trade Pokémon and link battle on the Miyoo Mini Plus

I’m seeing double here: four Miyoo Mini Plus’s!

One of the most popular handheld emulators right now is the Miyoo Mini Plus. In an arguably saturated market of handheld emulators, this one has gone for a reduced form factor instead of increased power to stand out and it’s worked well for them so far.

For Pokémon fans who happen to have two (or fans who have friends that also own them), you might be wondering: can I trade or battle on Red/Blue/Yellow or Gold/Silver/Crystal? While I can’t imagine that’s a big yes, there’s an answer nonetheless thanks to Retro Game Corps and the above tutorial.

In it, he explains the steps to trading and battling on the Gen 1 and 2 games using Onion OS, an enhanced operating system for your Miyoo Mini, featuring fine-tuned emulation with 100+ built-in emulators, auto-save and resume, a wealth of customization options, and much more. Once you’ve updated it, you set up Netplay and get things going. And it allows got Gen 1 to Gen 2 trading/battling like on the original Game Boy (in case you were wondering that too).

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