I used GPT-3 to create new Paradox Pokémon names

We’ve just seen the release of two new Paradox Pokémon—Walking Wake and Iron Leaves—to add to the existing list from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. But before they came out on Pokémon Day, I asked myself “what if there was a brand new set to add”? And then I thought “what if I used GPT-3 to create some new ones?” And so I did.


As with any use of large language models or generative AI, I will explain how I did this in as much detail as I can.

  1. I used OpenAI’s GPT-3 API (specifically its Davinci model, which was the best at the time).
  2. I gave it the following prompt:
Generate 10 new Paradox Pokémon.


1. Great Tusk
2. Scream Tail
3. Brute Bonnet
4. Flutter Mane
5. Slither Wing
6. Sandy Shocks
7. Iron Treads
8. Iron Bundle
9. Iron Hands
10. Iron Jugulis
11. Iron Moth
12. Iron Thorns
  1. I ran the prompt through a few times until I got a decent list (some were either too similar to each other or just sounded crap).
  2. I added my own types and possible Pokémon they could be based on.

So, without further ado, here are my GPT-3 Paradox Pokémon!

  • Fiery Freeze – Fire/Ice (Volcanion)
  • Steamy Swirl – Fire/Fairy (Swirlix)
  • Ice Sting – Ice/Poison (Arbok)
  • Thunderous Cloud – Electric/Flying (Emolga)
  • Growl Hummingbird – Dark/Flying (Pikipek)
  • Dark Sunray – Dark/Fire (Houndoom)
  • Flicker Glare – Psychic/Fairy (Indeedee)
  • Windy Roar – Flying/Normal (Pidgeot)
  • Liquid Blaze – Water/Fire (Araquanid)
  • Ghostly Breeze – Ghost/Flying (Chimecho)
  • Earth Clap – Ground/Normal (Excadrill)
  • Shadow Flash – Ghost/Electric (Gengar)

You’ll notice that none of them follow the styles of the original Paradox Pokémon but instead have a weather theme. I have no idea why that is and it never really changed despite running the prompt through a few times. But I like that it’s different but consistent in that way. I can imagine these Pokémon being part of the fan-favoured Kalos DLC that never was, since they gave us the Weather Trio.

Also, if anyone wants to illustrate these, feel free and please share them!

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