Joeybaby69's Sonic the Hedgehog 2 run for Summer GDQ 2020

A couple of years ago, I was off work due to illness and decided to try finishing a retro game for the first time. I chose Sonic 2 and I was determined to complete it (with save states because I was playing on a modded PSP and I didn’t care about legitimacy, clearly). I did it eventually but it was tough and took 2 days to do.

Joeybaby69 completed his Summer GDQ 2020 run in 00:24:14 and that wasn’t even the fastest time. In fact, he got a new world record time while warming up for the run. Most of the run, like with most of the 16-bit Sonic games, comprised of carefully timed jumps and spins, and a few weird memory glitches thrown in. I wish I’d known this in 2018!

Anyway, stream his run below along with a bonus interview between noted speedrunners Keizaron and CriticalCyd.

(Off-topic: love the beard, Joey.)

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