Ken Johnson: the Black inventor of Phase 10, Mattel’s second-bestselling card game

Black Enterprise spoke to Ken Johnson, the Black inventor of Phase 10, Mattel’s second-bestselling card game (behind Uno, another Black card game staple). Johnson is collaborating with Mattel for the game’s 40th anniversary:

“I am happy and grateful that my accomplishments serve as an inspiration and an example to other Black people. It is my hope that they will see my example and that of others and use it as fuel to build the confidence and determination they need to reach their goals, knowing that others have led the way.”

And Johnson had some sage advice for any entrepreneurs or inventors out there:

“My advice for gamers and entrepreneurs is to test your prototype thoroughly—test it among friends and family, make sure people really enjoy it. Then, really go for it and don’t hold yourself back or let anyone hold you back. You never know where your idea can go.”

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