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Minecraft Legends, a Minecraft real-time strategy game, is coming in 2023

A few days ago, vg247 reported that a Minecraft real-time strategy game was in the works and at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on 12th June, it was formally announced in the above trailer.

As previously described by Jeff Gerstmann, the game features a single controllable “hero” character that players control. Ala the classic RTS game Populous and more recently Dragon Quest Builders, this single character will be your singular unit that will construct buildings and indirectly control mobs of other units to fight at your command.

The game will also feature the Piglins as the main antagonists, monsters from the Nether that are trying to invade the Overworld. You will have to become the Overworld’s leader and hero to save the Paradise you live in from utter destruction. To do this, you’ll first have to build strong relationships and build alliances with other mobs – some of which you usually fight in a regular Minecraft game. These unusual alliances will be crucial in your bid to protect your homes from the enemies from the Nether.

via Clitch Points

There’s been a lot of change in the last few weeks for Minecraft as Majong released the Wild Update adding new terrain, mobs, and wood (love that mangrove!) but this game is arguably the biggest move since Microsoft acquired the developer for $2.5 billion in 2014.

No release date yet but expect it to be available on Xbox and PC.

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