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You Can Now Play A Game Based On Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” Music Video

And now for something completely ridiculous…

Back in 1996, Jamiroquai took the music world by storm with their infectious single “Virtual Insanity,” which was made that much more popular thanks to its music video. And for those who don’t remember or somehow never watched the video, it featured frontman Jay Kay smoothly maneuvering his way through a room where the floor never stopped moving. You know, like a giant treadmill where furniture and the walls never stop coming at you, which ensures that you can never stop moving. And if you’re Jay Kay, that means you can never stop busting out slick dance moves as a means of dodging everything.

So, you may ask, did we really need a game based on the “Virtual Insanity” video? Um, Of course we do. I can rattle off a number of examples of pointless things that have games based on them—Tapper, anyone?—but this is definitely not one of them. Shout out to DA contributor (and Pokemon don) Luke on bringing this to my attention, by the way.

You can download the game here. [via]

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