MinnMax interviewed Atari CEO Wade Rosen about the company's future, avoiding layoffs, and... Bubsy?!

MinnMax published their interview with Atari CEO Wade Rosen yesterday where they discussed the company’s future, avoiding layoffs, why Atari is not a profitable company, and a certain anthropomorphic bobcat named Bubsy.

Yes, Atari owns the rights to the Bubsy franchise and they’re open to pitches:

I think it deserves… I think eventually like a good Bubsy game needs to be made. But so there’s a lot of IP that we acquired from that time frame in that acquisition. […] I think if there’s good Indie platforming teams and they want to reach out, we’d certainly be interested in hearing those things and they should reach out […] you can go to the site and reach out we’ll we watch it. We’ll get it.

Quote from Wade Rosen, condensed for readability

A new Bubsy game in 2024 or beyond? What could possibly go wrong?

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