Now you can play on a N64 emulator in VR

Avaer Kazmer went back to the future with his project that allows gamers to play on a N64 emulator in VR (virtual reality).

The software uses JavaScript and WebXR to create an immersive experience that wasn’t there back in the 90s and early 00s when the Nintendo 64 was around. In a way, it’s a mashup of what the Virtual Boy should have been and what the N64 never was.

I’ve always been interested in emulation. One of my first serious introductions to programming was hacking Japanese Pokemon Gold into English before the Western release. Finishing Final Fantasy 7 in an emulator at 4x speed is what got me into Final Fantasy. And I have twitch reflexes for the classic Zeldas — on keyboard and mouse.

So I took the last week off of Exokit browser work to hack on VR-ifying the N64 in Javascript.

…And fixed several bugs in Exokit in the process!

Avaer explained how he created the N64 VR software in his Medium post and you can get everything you need from GitHub.

Speaking of playing games in formats they weren’t designed for, someone managed to get Minecraft working on a DSLR.

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