Happy 21st, Sega Dreamcast!

The Sega Dreamcast is 21 years old today. Revel in its celebratory glory with some videos and articles about the iconic console.

What was one console you always wanted but never got? I’ve had a few but my most coveted was probably the Sega Dreamcast. I played on the display units in video games stores but never owned one. Well, today marks its 21st birthday so now it can:

  • Legally drink (in the US)
  • Apply to adopt a child
  • Hold an airline transport pilot’s licence for a plane or helicopter
  • Apply for a provisional licence to drive a heavy goods vehicle

But in the 21 years since it launched—on 9/9/99 no less—the Sega Dreamcast has continued to enchant gamers with its futuristic style, awesome game collection, and status as the last great piece of Sega hardware.

Since I have no significant memories or ties to the console and millions of other gamers do, this article will list as many Dreamcast stories and retrospectives as I can find so enjoy and have a drink for the Dreamcast!

Also some other links about the Dreamcast you might find interesting including:

And here are some Dreamcast commercials.

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