Play your Dreamcast online with a DreamPi

I never owned a Dreamcast and I wish I had while it was around. But even if I did, I certainly couldn’t have played it online (I didn’t get home internet access until 2016 – parents, eh?)

Back in the early 00s, online multiplayer console gaming required some form of internet connection and mostly dial-up internet. But we’re way past that now and playing your Dreamcast online is gonna take some work.

Unless you have a DreamPi.

Developed by Kazade, the DreamPi converts a modem connection into a high-speed connection for Ethernet or Wifi. That’s the good news. The bad/expensive news is you’ll need some more hardware because phone lines use a high voltage line so that will need sorting. You’ll also need to configure the software, but once all that is done, you can finally play Phantasy Star Online again (or for the first time).

Now, you’re probably thinking “but I could just use an emulator” and you’re right. But with a DreamPi, you can either get a kick of nostalgia or experience retro gaming in its most organic form.

As for games, there’s a substantial list you can play using the DreamPi including ChuChu Rocket, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure (1 and 2), and Quake III Arena.

And if you need more information on how to connect, find players, or get the latest news and find players, you can check out Dreamcast Live.

(featured image via Hackaday)

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