You can fill up over half your Pokédex before your first badge in Pokémon Sword/Shield

I love a Pokémon challenge and so does Johnstone on YouTube. He’s well known for his Professor Oak challenges where you fill up your Pokédex as much as possible for any given number of badges (there’s even a Subreddit for it).

In this instance, Johnstone tried the challenge on Pokémon Shield. The title gives an idea of how many he caught before he faced Milo but I won’t reveal the exact number as that’s a surprise in the video. It’s remarkable just how many you can get thanks to Wild Area access before your first badge.

From a Nuzlocke perspective, you could build a diverse team (depending on how you define a random encounter). This also shows how open and vast the newer games are if you can catch so many Pokémon early on.

Stream the video below and find out just how many Pokémon Johnstone caught before battling Milo and how long it took him to complete his Dex.

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