Create Your Own Retro Emulator Out Of An Old Device

Credit to Rebecca Finn who posted this awesome idea on The Retro Future Community page on Facebook.

Although her original idea uses a phone, it can work on a tablet too. It’s also worth noting this is for Android only as iPhones would need to be jailbroken and you can’t install new firmware and OS’s in the same way.

  1. Get an old phone/tablet
  2. Perform a factory reset
  3. Register with a throwaway Gmail account
  4. Update the phone to the latest ROM (if you install LineageOS, you can skip Step 3)
  5. Update the apps you want to keep
  6. Uninstall Updates to non-essential apps to disable them. 
  7. Install RetroArch
  8. Install additional Android software
  9. Put into permanent Airplane mode + Wifi

With RetroArch, the list of emulators is huge. Everything from PlayStation 1 to Dreamcast. It all depends on how powerful your device. It’s also recommended to use a device with removable storage as many can use SD cards up to 128GB which opens up your choice of emulators and ROMs.

It’s also worth noting while emulators are fine to use, it is illegal to download ROMs if you don’t own the game. We don’t officially endorse illegal acts but also… we’re not your parents ūüėČ

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