The Funniest Pokémon Video I've Ever Seen (starring Leonardo DiCaprio)

(Spoiler warning: if you want to watch the whole series of Mr Talent and Shadypenguinn’s Rival Locke 4, don’t read this article.)

I’ve been a big fan of the Rival Locke series since I discovered it in 2017. It helped me through some rough times and I’ve been watching ever since. The fourth series started a few months ago on Pokémon Black and White and finished last month with Mr Talent winning his third in a row. It was a tumultuous series for both players, with numerous resets and legendaries spoiling everyone’s fun. Let’s just say it was white out galore on both sides. But before the ultimate end, there were a couple of hilarious moments.

While battling Cheren in the Desert Resort, Cheren sent out a Shedinja. As Pokémon fans will know, Shedinja has an Ability called Wonder Guard which means it is immune to all moves that aren’t super effective. Mr Talent soon realised he didn’t have any super effective moves on his entire team. As he clambered and Shady suggested he start over (for about the fifth time in the series), he Hail Mary’d and used a non-super effective move. It missed, Shedinja used Mind Reader. Mr Talent called “Leo” (as in Leonardo DiCaprio) for help and, because of the sandstorm from the Desert Resort, Shedinja took damage and knocked it out. The reason why any of this could happen was that the game was randomised (Cheren doesn’t have a Shedinja in the original game). I didn’t see it coming and neither did they. Mr Talent proclaimed Leo to be his “best friend in the world” and Shady was laughing through the salt.

But that wasn’t all. While continuing through the game, Mr Talent began singing Terrible Things by Mayday Parade which was hilarious in itself but he was cut short. Why? Because a wild Doduo appeared. Fans of the first Rival Locke will remember Mr Talent had a Dodrio nicknamed Baldy which died but he was allowed to break the Nuzlocke rules to get him back. Unfortunately, he died a second time for one of many classic Rival Locke moments. For the rest of the overall series, Mr Talent had joked about a “Baldy clause” where he could catch a Doduo or Dodrio whenever he saw one (much like a Shiny Clause). As soon as the Doduo appeared, he screamed “BALDY CLAUSE!” in a similar voice to Lemongrab from Adventure Time. Shadypenguinn allowed it but only if Mr Talent could catch it in one ball first time. Guess what happened?

1… 2… 3…

Doduo was caught. Hilarity ensued. But not for Shady as he went on to white out for the final time. The quality of the Nuzlocke itself was poor, not because of the players but the constant whiteouts (this is why I hate randomisers where legendaries are in it too). In terms of humour though, it was brilliant. I really hope there’s a Gen 6 Rival Locke soon. And a Baldy clause.

Skip to 7:00 if you want to see the funny bits (if the video doesn’t skip to it already). If you want to see the fourth series in full first, start from the beginning.

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