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Voxel9 Gets An Xbox Emulator Running On The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is ready to launch another version of the Nintendo Switch this year but the original won’t be left in the digital dust. Hackers have worked on getting all kinds of emulators onto the system since a hardware-based exploit was discovered last year and now the Xbox joins the ranks.

Making the Switch… to Xbox?

Voxel9, a “lover of all things Xbox and Vita stuff, as well as a game-dev hobbyist”, managed to compile the XQEMU and run it on his Nintendo Switch with Linux4Tegra Ubuntu. And to complete the gaming chimera look, he’s using a PS4 controller as the input. On an Xbox emulator on a Nintendo Switch. What a time to be alive.

We know there are thousands of Jet Set Radio fans out there so this bit will excite you if you’re reading:

Voxel9 also shows off 2002’s JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future running on the Switch this way. It was a console exclusive and has never been ported. Even the Xbox One backwards compatibility program doesn’t include it. While the image looks crisps, it runs so slowly Voxel9 has the video play at four times speed to simulate what the frame rate should actually look like.

Another victory for the modders

Nintendo have been strong in their fight against emulation and ROM distribution but they’ve not figured out how to keep their consoles truly closed. I personally love hearing the hackers have succeeded. This also means you can play old Championship Manager Xbox games on the Switch (in theory). Thank you, based Voxel9!

(via Kotaku)

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