Buff Pokémon Stickers

I’ve had these stickers saved for months and I still haven’t bought them. But I need to. These buff Pokémon stickers are by an artist called Kelly Angel aka Kangel on Etsy. She has a host of illustrated stickers in her Etsy shop including a Dougtrio (as in Doug the cartoon), fat unicorns, axolotls, and piles of cats.

As for the Pokémon stickers, they come as follows:

A collection of 4 buff pokemon stickers; Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. They’ve been trained to be the best and they are strong. 

Handmade, printed on thick, vinyl adhesive paper with a gloss finish.

The stickers are roughly:

Charmander – 90x50mm
Squirtle – 70x65mm
Pikachu – 75x70mm
Bulbasaur – 50x85mm

At £1 each or £3 for all four, it’s a bargain and I’m only holding out now because I’m watching my money. But soon I will have them. Soon.

Buy Kangel’s Pokémon stickers here!

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