Avengers Assemble For Game Boy Mod

This awesome Game Boy mod uses Avengers stickers and some spare time.

Avengers Endgame is out in cinemas and it’s breaking all kinds of records. I saw it yesterday and loved it. I also love Game Boy mods (I even finished one this weekend). So I was stoked to see both of them combined for this mod. YouTuber The ONerd took inspiration from the movie and fixed a broken Game Boy that didn’t read games in the process.

This was 1 of 7 broken Game Boys he got from Craigslist, according to the video description. Spoiler alert (not for the movies: it just needed a good clean. Easy peasy. After that, he covered the case in Marvel Avengers stickers. I’m very tempted to try this myself and maybe add a clear coat over the top to protect them.

What kind of stickers would you use if you tried this mod? Let us know in the comments.

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