Nathan Grayson on the Switch going out swinging

For Aftermath, Nathan Grayson wrote about the most recent Nintendo Direct and how the Nintendo Switch still has so many aces up its sleeve, 7 years after its launch:

Nintendo knows what works for it, and over the years it has stayed that course, at times to its own detriment. But when it works, it really works. The Switch has been a smash success, which has allowed Nintendo to stick to its guns even as it navigates an industry that’s doubling down on fewer, bigger games. It is notable that Nintendo hasn’t laid off hundreds or thousands of workers in the past couple years, nor has it jumped aboard the forever game bandwagon (unless Mario Kart 8 counts). I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the former is a result of labor law as much as it is anything else, but there’s also a hopeful truth at the core of Nintendo’s approach: If you create something good and dependable, people will appreciate it. You don’t have to trick or trap them to build a successful business. 

I’ll admit I’ve taken the Switch for granted since I got one in 2019. I’ve mostly used it to play Pokémon games but the other titles I’ve played I’ve enjoyed and there are honestly so many. It might not capture me like the 3DS did but when its successor drops, I’m sure I’ll realise just how good I had it (as long as they drop the price of stuff because I should not be paying full price for all these old games beyond periodic sales!)

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