A 'Frankenstein' Nintendo Switch made from replacement parts

A Nintendo Switch made from replacement parts on a blue cutting board

The Nintendo Switch will turn 4 years old this March and it’s been a major success thanks to returning classics and some new franchises. In that time, the homebrew community has pushed the Switch to its software and hardware limits and that includes Sarbaaz37 who made one with nothing but spare parts.

It took a month to find the components, a keen eye, and a steady hand to put it all together.

From Hackaday, on the build:

Anyone who has peeked inside a laptop recently will be familiar with the arrangement of this type of device. An array of extremely snug-fitting and fragile electronics laid out like a TV dinner has to be carefully assembled in a specific order and this is no different. Along the way [Sarbaaz37] (sic) has some pro tips, like cleaning off the stock thermal compound and using a higher quality. The eventual result is a working Switch, which for $200 is not a bad deal, though they do note that the pandemic has since led to a price rise in Nintendo parts as well as consoles.

Scroll through Sarbaaz37’s imgur gallery to see all the parts and how they all came together.